Getting Pregnant After Birth Control – What Every Woman Should Understand and Prepare For

It is easier to think that when a woman puts a halt on her contraceptives, she will get pregnant when she had sex with her partner. But the truth is far from this theory since a woman’s body will need enough time to recover from the hormonal treatments or implants that she used. Unless she used barrier methods such as condom or IUD, which has no direct effect on her hormones, she is sure to get pregnant faster.

For some women who used medications or hormone treatments, getting pregnant after birth control can be more difficult. Using medications such as hormonal pills, patches or shots, the chemicals in these contraceptives affect the release of a woman’s egg cell into her fallopian tube. The contraceptives use the body’s hormones and at the same time disrupt the natural flow in the reproductive system.

If we are talking about a few years of use, it will take months to years of recovery in order for her reproductive system to neutralize. The recovery time depends on each and every woman, and the number of months or years she used birth control. Some women can get pregnant easily even after using birth control methods, but some would have to wait for a long time until their reproductive systems have undergone full recovery and neutralization.

Factors that can help a woman increase her chances of getting pregnant after birth control:

(1) Timing

As mentioned earlier, time is necessary for recovery and neutralization of a woman’s reproductive system as well as her entire body. In terms of pregnancy methods, it is a good way to start with natural methods such as timing your intercourse when the woman’s is fertile and when her basal body temperature is up.

These two methods are not clear-cut for every woman or couple, but trying them after using contraceptives may help improve your chances. It is always advisable to try to get pregnant during fertile days since the chances are higher. With basal body temperature technique, it is a bit tricky especially for couples who do not know the proper monitoring of the woman’s temperature.

(2) Proper nutrition

It may be unfair to just advice the woman to eat the right foods and practice healthy lifestyle. It is always two-way. For this purpose, a woman who just withdrawn from using contraceptives, it is always advisable to know which foods and supplements to take in order to increase her chances of getting pregnant after birth control use.

It is advisable for a woman who wants to get pregnant to eat more foods that are high in folic acid and this is often found in fruits, leafy greens, cereals, breads, rice, pasta and whole grains. Prenatal vitamins such as Vitamins B12, D, C, calcium, iron and zinc help increase the possibilities of pregnancy.

(3) Staying stress-free

Knowing that the odds are a bit challenging, getting pregnant after birth control brings along another challenge for a couple and not just for a woman. It has been said that stress can pose an impact on couples who are trying to conceive, and taking this notion onto the next level when you are recovering from contraceptives is even more stressful and problematic.

But think about those couples who have had children even after using birth control methods. It is not impossible. It may pose challenges along the way, but it is doable, unless there is really a problem with the reproductive system.

With this, you need to think positive and to also seek advice from your OB-GYN. If you feel the need to relax for a while, then do it with your partner. Time is needed to prepare your body and to recover, but it is also important that you relax your mind and emotions to lessen your stress.

How to Tighten the Vagina After Birth – The Easiest Way To Get Your Strong Tight Vagina Back

The most unimaginable proportions of the vagina are seen after a woman gives birth. It becomes looser than normal. Child birth is challenging in women because it can easily result in bruising, stretching or tearing of the vagina. Moreover, the vagina automatically becomes loose after giving birth unless the lady went out for the caesarian section. The loosening reduces the level of sensation expected during sexual intercourse. But there is a better way to regain the original and even tighter vagina by performing a few exercises.

Vaginal exercises are medically recognized as Kegel’s exercises. The major objective of these exercises after birth is to make strong the pelvic bone which later brings the muscles around the vaginal canal back to their original position. It is however important to note that there is no need to wait until a woman gives birth to perform the exercises because they can be executed both before or after childbirth.

Performing vaginal exercises during pregnancy eases the delivery process because the muscles are strong. The recommendation for this exercise after pregnancy is because the surrounding vaginal muscle goes though a condition of shock and trauma. In fact, there are reported cases of women who completely loose their sensation for sex after the pregnancy.

Kegel’s exercises are harmless and you can do them from anywhere be it in the car, in the house watching television or while using your computer. You simply hold and squeeze the vaginal muscles for a few seconds and release. This allows the muscles to contract and relax making them stronger. Alternatively you can hold urine for a while before releasing it. Repeating the exercise a few times daily for some weeks will see your organ tighter again for sexual sensation and pleasure.

Sex After a Baby – A Few Things Every Husband Should Know

Vi har det mesta för dem flesta smaker och intressen. Era nya Sexleksaker skickar vi oftast samma dag ni lägger er order, givetvis helt anonymt och diskret. Titta gärna in i vår avdelning med nyheter, där kommer alla nya artiklar från de största leverantörerna världen runt upp, så fort de kommer ut på marknaden. Vi har artiklar för både killar och tjejer.

If you have recently added a new addition to your family then let me be the first to say congratulations. There is nothing more wonderful or exciting than becoming a parent.

Though it is great and wonderful to be a new parent, many fathers quickly loose that excitement and want to return to their pre baby sex routine. Most men are very disappointed to find out that their sex life is not going to return to normal right away.

If this is your first child then I am sure you are not familiar with how sex after a baby works for women. Here are a few helpful tips to help you out.

Give your wife space. Chances are she is not emotionally or physically ready to have sex. Having a baby is a very draining process. Have compassion towards your wife. Don’t be selfish. After all she just carried your baby for 9 months and went through several hours of labor to give birth. Your wife needs time to heal. Doctors recommend you wait at least a month before having sex after you have had a baby. Please know that every woman is different. Your wife may be ready to have sex much sooner or even much later than the average recommended time frame. Just play it by hear. Your wife will let you know when she is ready.

Do not have high expectations right away. Having a baby is a very overwhelming experience, especially for moms. Remember she has to feed the baby late at night. She has to get up with the baby when the baby is crying at all times of the morning. These things can and will prevent your wife from wanting to have sex. She will also not be able to get her normal daily tasks completed. Things such as cleaning the house or getting dinner prepared will all take a back seat to her having to care for the newborn baby.

The best way to get your sex life back to where you want it to be is to help your wife out. Do the dishes and cook dinner. Don’t let your wife feel completely helpless and overwhelmed after giving birth. Pitch in. Helping out will give your wife less things she has to do and give her more time to possibly be intimate with you.

Do not push your wife into having sex if she is not ready to do so. Remember she needs to heal. Also, if your baby is sleeping in your room then your wife will probably not feel comfortable being intimate. Take all factors into consideration. Be patient. Take this time to “wow” your wife all over again like you did when you first met her. Be romantic. Prepare a nice dinner. Send her flowers. Let her know you think she is the best mom in the world. These little things could possible get your wife back in the mood for sex much sooner.

How Soon Can You Have Sex After Childbirth

How soon after childbirth can you have sex again? How will this affect a woman’s sex drive? What to avoid for lovemaking during the first few months after delivery?

The sexual implications of childbirth are twofold. First, there are the physical considerations and second, there are the psychological factors. After delivery, sex is often the furthest thing from a woman’s mind, as her body needs time to recover.

Whether the baby is born vaginal delivery or by C-section, a period of 6 weeks is often necessary to abstain from sex to give time for the cervix to close, for internal tears to heal, for the stitches to dissolve and for the post-natal bleeding to end.

Every woman may feel differently about when she will be ready or even have the desire to have sex again. Some women may need many months, whereas others will begin feeling ready to make love again within weeks. If you are in doubt about whether to resume sex, ask the doctor.

For several weeks after the delivery, the vagina will discharge lochia, a mixture of residual blood, mucus and tissue from inside the uterus. As the healing progresses and the bleeding slows, the discharge gradually turns to a watery pink, then to brown, and finally to a yellowish white. Lochia discharge generally lasts from 2 to 6 weeks.

Having a baby passing through the vagina may cause some tearing of the delicate tissues. This will result in vaginal soreness. Even if this does not happen to her, the perineal area can feel bruised and sensitive for some time.

With births involving surgery, women have to be careful to keep their stitches free from the risk of re-opening or infection. Some women have to delay resuming intercourse longer because of problems with the wounds.

If a woman is breast-feeding, her vagina may also be sensitive. Those hormones that are around when breast-feeding can suppress sex drive. Guys do often get very frustrated when they are waiting to resume sexual intercourse. A couple should therefore tread carefully back into a sexual routine. They should start slow with extended foreplay.

Hormone changes and worries can cause some women to experience vaginal dryness for the first 3 months after giving birth. Vaginal dryness can be treated with some over-the-counter solutions such as K-Y Jelly, Liquid Silk, or Pjur. Some condoms that have a built-in lubricant can be equally effective.

Kegel exercises can also be a good way to get the vaginal muscles back into shape and to regain the muscle tone so that she has this capacity to get aroused again. These exercises are performed by tightening the PC muscles (that regulate the flow of urine) in the same way she stops the flow of urine and are highly recommended for women recovering from pregnancy. Do 10 squeezes at a time, at least 6 times a day. Work up to keeping the muscles contracted for 10 seconds at a time, relaxing for 10 seconds between contractions.

However, physical challenges are only part of the toll. Taking care of the new baby can pose a psychological strain. The main reason most women are not keen on sex for at least a few weeks after childbirth is simply exhaustion. If the delivery was long or difficult, the woman may also feel anxious about getting pregnant. Take advantage of the baby nap times to catch up on some sleeping.

Worries about body image and post natal depression can also influence her arousal. Therefore do not rush back into a pre-pregnancy sexual routine. Until she is ready for sex, intimacy can be maintained in other ways. Spend time together without the baby or when it is sleeping even if this takes just a few minutes in the morning. Look for other ways to express affection.

The post-natal period can be a good chance to consider new sexual positions, learn more about the turn-ons and turn-offs for the couple and to get to know each other in a different way.

For the first few sessions after childbirth, it is a good idea to choose a position in which the woman can control the pace and depth of penetration. The woman-on-top position, or one where both lay side-by-side facing each other, may be more comfortable.

Unless you want to have baby again, use condoms. Avoid giving her oral sex for the first few months after birth. This can increase the risk of infection for the vagina and womb. Blowing air into the vagina can cause an often fatal illness called air embolism.

Although children may be a blessing, the time and effort to take care of them prevents many couples from finding the time to be intimate with each other. Balancing the needs of your child with your urges is not easy, but it can be done if you and your partner are willing to make the effort.

The Decision of Resuming Sex After Birth Depends on You

If you are planning on resuming sex after birth, the birth of your child that is, you should first feel your body and see if it is prepared for the onslaught or not. Having to stay for a good number of months without having any sex can drive many young couples crazy. They just cannot wait for childbirth to be over so that can indulge in wild sex again. This problem is mainly with today’s young generation for they neither know nor have been educated about postpartum sex. Nowadays most couples hardly take any time off post childbirth and begin their sexual activities again.

The prerogative for the same depends on the couple. If they feel that they can undergo the same, despite the pain in the vaginal region, it is fine. But the least they should do is consult the gynecologist and take his or her honest opinion. Post pregnancy sex will happen, this is something very common…The question is when…The period of time the couple should put apart before they indulge in love making. The first thing the husband should do is ask his partner whether she has any soreness in her vaginal region or whether she has got over the exhaustion that follows delivery.

Few men care to think about the woman’s health and mentality, post childbirth, before going in for sex. Regardless of the type of child delivery, by c-section or vaginally, there are bound to be wears and tears in the female body and one should provide sufficient time for it to heal before thinking about having sex after the baby. You should also remember that your passions for sex should take a secondary seat and the mother’s primary focus should be on her health and also the health of her child.

According to doctors, a time period of 4 to 6 weeks should be allowed to pass before couples engage in lovemaking after pregnancy. This provides sufficient time for the cervix to close, the wears and tears to heal, and the post delivery bleeding to stop. The decision of going in for postpartum intercourse should be left on the woman. Some women do not feel mentally or physically prepared for having sex after the baby for a few months, whereas some are ready to undergo post pregnancy sex within a few weeks of giving birth.

Though the mind of the women is eager to go in for lovemaking after pregnancy, is their body ready to cope with it? There are many factors involved such as fatigue and changes in the body structure that might not allow females to enjoy sex after pregnancy. The mother should be extremely cautious when going in for sex after childbirth. Their vagina might be tender and dry, more so if they are breast feeding the baby. This might cause discomfort during lovemaking. It is best that if couples take it a bit easy when opting in for sex after a baby…This helps reduce discomfort.